Larry's Helpers



I am Mara, #6 of the (grown) Hauer siblings. . . 

I am drawn to resort life for many of the same reasons as my parents. Cap off a sunny day of swimming or fishing with a crackling fire and a fish story (Dad’s are the greatest!) and life good!

Another helper you might meet is my brother, Craig.  He is #3 of Larry & Lee’s offspring.  Watching him work has been a source of entertainment for guests of the resort!  He really goes and goes!  When he allows himself some R&R, you may see him on the end of the dock reeling in a fish.


Brother Dan, #5 in the line-up, is our indispensable "fix it" man.  My dad
calls him the "The Super."  He rounds out our team with his knowledge of
all things wooden.  Not only does he perform the usual maintenence a
resort requires, but has adorned the cabins with flower boxes and whimsical
scalloped trim to give it that charming Norwegian feel.  He also humbly
takes credit for the beautiful sign that will greet you upon your arrival to Regnbue Havn Resort.